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How much hair do i need when wearing extensions

Purchasing hair extensions can be a big deal.

1. You want to take in account your budget. That will determine if you want indian raw (“the luxury of hair extensions”, cuticle intacked or Indian Remy (processed hair ..great hair ,affordable price) .

2. What style are you going for ? Short hair- bobs i recommends 7 oz of hair 

bob- bra length I would recommend 7-9 ounces of hair 

up to 18 inches i would recommend 3 bundles / 10.5-12 ounces 

and longer i would recommend 14 -21 ounces of hair ( if you are leaving your hair out it’s recommended to you purchase lengths in increments of 2 inches (ex:18,20,22,24 inches) 

3. Hair color 

Indian Remy hair is much easier to color by a professional due to the hair has been processed this allows hair lighter or color to penetrate and give you the desired color.

indian raw hair , cuticle is tightly intake and most Indian raw hair ranges from a natural dark brown to warm brown impacting the hair with red pigment. This red pigment and tight cuticle will required a professional hair to carefully lighten the hair. Blonde such as #27 or #613 is not recommended due to compromising of integrity. 



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