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About our brand

Eminence hair was created august 2011 by me ,Trichologist , Jonesia Melton-Hegwood. She has seen women struggling with self esteem due to hairloss and hair breakage.  So that prompted her to get certified by some of the best hairloss doctors in the industry Dr.kingsley and Dr.Salinger.  She has a love for what hair can do for your style so she took classes from Hollywood’s top hairstylist, Kim Kimble (Beyonce), Kiyah Wright (Gabriel union), and  neeko (hailey berry ) to learn how to optsin the top wigs and haur in the industry. 

Your crown is your glory it is an adornment that shows your personality as well as emotion. A bald head shows power and strength as well as a nice sharp bob or shoulder length jumbo curls. Long flowing hair can gives the sense of someone that’s conservative and poise.

Eminence brings character by delivering great moveable bouncy hair . Eminence is a brand that do not matte or tangle.  By Jonesia being a hairstylist for over 10 years she has come in contact with a variety of hair and chose the best for her brand. 

Today I bring you Eminence indian a hair that will not on be your go to hair that you can keep up to three years but your will become your “girlfriends” a unit that will know all your secrets and be with you during hard times. .  I know your experience will be like no other when you fall in love be sure to tell your friends, family, and coworkers .  



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