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4c itip hair 100 grams

4c itip hair 100 grams

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Itips are individual strands of hair that has a keratin tip of 1 inch. (Must apply with copper or silicon links)

i recommend the hair being at least 4 inches.


when using itips the hair should match as closely as possible. Most of the times it will not be be 100% due to the texture, heat damage, color damage etc. But our goal at EHB is to provide you with the closest texture possible. 

This is a luxury hair brand and with luxury you may have to wait a little longer than any stock products you have purchased in the past. 

8”-14” .5 grams per strand

16”-20” .8 grams per strand 

22”-30”  1 gram per strand

each bundle of tips will be approximately 100 grams. The shorter the hair the more tips you’ll receive but it’ll still equal to 100 grams.


for a head circumference (check out blog to measure circumference)

21 or smaller- 125 grams for full head install

22 - 200 grams for full head install 

23 - 250-300 for a full head install 


hair is 100% human hair and can be flat ironed ,blow dried be careful , hair is like fabric it will burn. If dying consult a professional. 

keep your hair moisturized by shampooing your hair and scalp bi weekly or weekly.