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Natural Straight South Indian
Natural Straight South Indian
Natural Straight South Indian
Natural Straight South Indian

Natural Straight South Indian

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Natural Straight South Indian Hair is the best quality of all indian hairs.
It can be bleached and colored with professional help to avoid damaging the cuticle that is in tacked. The best of this hair is that it is not too shiny and gives you a good texture that blends well with your hair. 

Raw bundles are collected from one single donor so when you receive the hair you receive it as it was on the donor’s head. Each bundle of raw hair will be similar but not identical as there will always be a slight difference in each bundle of raw straight hair.  Eminence hair is sourced directly from the temples of southe india. Extensive research and care for our buyers resulted in sourcing from the leading manufacturer of Raw Unprocessed Natural Straight  We supply superior quality hair without any mixing. This hair can blend with all hair types to include natural and relaxed. Our hair is sourced directly from South Indian temples, no Chinese Hair.

We don’t compromise in quality and offer the best to our customers. There is no acid procession,cuticles are aligned in the same direction and only water sterilizing is done before we prepare this gift of beautiful straight hair. No tangling, but minimum shedding is done. Minimum shedding is expected due to the hair is sewn onto the weft.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality hair possible. We know that our customers expect and want authentic, long-lasting, gorgeous hair, and we’re confident that we are selling you the best product. Our Natural Straight South Indian Raw Hair embodies flexibility in styling, fullness and body. We supply a variety of hair that does not tangle or breakdown over time.

Weft Hair Extensions Specs

Raw Indian Straight Hair

Hair Grade Unprocessed cuticle intact hair (raw hair)
Hair Origin

Southern Indian temple.

Product Longevity

3 years with proper care.


3.5 ounces (100 grams) per bundle

Shipping Time

 about 10 business days.  


Natural Straight South Indian
Natural Straight South Indian